How Incident Reportings Works

In many organisations, the reporting process for incidents is a manual one involving face to face communication.

There may be an electronic based recording process by a manager but the people involved in the incident typically have no access to this.

There have been many examples where an incident is not reported or if it is, it is not properly recorded.

Putting in place an online, electronic based Incident Reporting process allows the contractors and staff who experience the incident to report it in their own words, in their own time. They can attach a police report, describe property damage, personal injury details and anything else that you want to collect as part of your incident reporting plan.

Contractors and employees within your organisation can report an incident online all through a dedicated Incident Reporting portal.

Incidents can be automatically assigned to contractors to action as well as a full reporting and performance tools.

It's simply, its easy and these days everyone expects to do these sort of processes online rather then on paper.