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Case: Launching a dedicated branded Incident Report App

The old:

Used a mix of paper based processes, verbal and an incident report system that only the safety manager had access to.

During a major event, team members would write down the details of an incident or verbally report it to a manager. At the end of the event, a record keeper would take a pile of incident reports and enter them into the safety management system.

The safety manager would then follow up various reports or close them out and manage the process onw their own from there.

The new:

Launched a dedicated and branded Incident Reporting app powered by our system. Team members would download the app for free and now had a tool to report and capture an incident in real time as it happened or was encountered.

Team members could take a photo of the incident details and submit it in real time via the app.

The ssafety manager would receive an automatic notification when an incident was logged as well as various automatic escalations depending on the severity of the incident or incident type.

The safety manager had a real time dashboard of logged incidents and could click for follow up actions, escalations, risk assessments and more before closing out the incident.


Major upgrade from a disconnected process and double handling of incident reports into a streamlined real time live incident report system on mobile devices

Everyone on the team and across the site can report incidents in real time using the app

The organisation has a personalised and branded app rather then using an unfamiliar third party tool