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Creating your own Incident Report workflow

With any incident report workflow the first thing to work out is what kind of incident forms are you going to establish and in what order should they be completed?

Step 1: The forms

When an injury or accident happens in the workplace, what forms need to be completed for that workflow? If there is a slip hazard, reporting the incident that happened as a result of slipping on a puddle in the workplace might be the first form that you complete. Would you then follow it up with a hazard report? What was the hazard that caused the puddle? was it the leaking roof above? Is there a sign off process that needs to happen once the hazard report, risk controls and corrective actions have been actioned? Does a manager need to sight these areas have been actioned before it is signed off and closed?

Typically a workflow might start with the initial incident report form, followed by a hazard report and corrective actions, an investigation including risk controls and finally manager sign off so that the incident can be closed

Step 2: Notifications

Once you've got your forms workflow right, it's all about establishing who receives what notifications. Each time an incident is reported, who do you want notified immediately? Are there department or site base notifications or special notification rules based on a specific incident report form type or even injury level?