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Published 09/11/2021

Security Incident Form

A security incident report form is ideal for capturing when a security related incident has occured, been witnessed or discovered. It might be filled out by someone who has identified a security breach or it might be a staff member who it was reported to or someone who witnessed it.

With an online security incident report, staff, contractors or members of the public at your venue, site, workplace or facility could capture the incident as it happens or has been discovered, arming everyone with a security tool to capture and report security incidents faster and more frequently. Setup a security incident report form for capturing security incident reports as they occur in the field. Capture the fields and data that you need to record, personalise the form to your specific security needs. Setup a security incident registry and matching reports and statistics using our portal.

Example Security Incident Report Form

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Security Incident Report form fields

The nature of what is recorded in a security incident report varies depending on the type of venue, facility or industry that the organiation operates in. At a base level, the sort of fields overall will commonly include:

Details of the security breach or incident
Evidence provided
Details of the occurance
Dates, details and much more
Does this security incident need to be escalated
Details of parties involved
Who was this incident reported to

If going mobile, a shorter form to capture the basics and take a photo would be ideal for fast and quick reporting in the field. A more comprehensive report can be followed up with corrective actions, police reports, CCTV footage and investigations. All of these areas can be managed online through a central security incident report registry and platform.

Online Security Incident Platform
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Security Incident Peport Form Library and Templates

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How does security incident reporting happen in your workplace?

There are many legal requirements that require you to report security breaches that are observed, caused, encountered or controlled in the workplace.
It is important to capture the details of a security incident in the words of those involved, not several days later based on a short verbal conversation or even the risk that it isn't reported at all.
As part of this process, security incidents need to be logged and reported by staff to ensure that the causes and risks from incidents are controlled and managed to prevent them from happening again.

Situations where a Security Incident Report form would be used

Commonly for security incidents such as a theft or attempted break in are obvious security incidents. But security also includes areas where security staff are involved which might include the need for escorting someone from the building, suspicious activity or unusual behaviour, reviewing CCTV footage, site access or unauthorised access breach, an assault or injury that involved the need for security intervention or it could even be IT security where it might involve a IT incident such as a hack, breach, ransomware or suspected IT security breach.

- IT related incidents such as a data breach
- theft or attempted break in
- escorting staff from the building
- injury involving security intervention

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