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Self Managed Workers Compensation Claim Management

Effective management of worker's compensation claims and return to work plans is criticial in keeping costs down, preventing future injuries and ensuring a productive and safe workforce. Self managed workers compensation claims software helps organisations self manage their injury management claims as well as to support third party claims managers and self-insurers manage all aspects of an injury management claim online from collecting and managing materials through to creating return to work plans and working with insurers and the employee on successful outcomes.

Self manage injury cases

Using our self management injury claim tool, self managing injury cases consists of appointment management, medical certificate collection, centralising all claims correspondence and notifications, complete customised return to work plans, payment management, centralised documentation relating to injrueis and much more.

Generate letters, email and SMS communications to employees and third parties to coordinate all stages of the injury claim process.

Real-time Insights

Generate trends, deep dives and extensive analysis around your workforce injruy data understanding exactly what happened, why and why won't it happen again.

Customise and automate injury reporting into weekly reports that are emailed, custom dashboards, analytics and live feeds.

Create better return to work outcomes

Ensure compliance on a national level with custom forms, workflows and processes specific to your organisation and business type.

The whole aim being to minimise administration with streamlined workflows, pre-populated forms, weekly notifications, auto-calculated fields and follow up reminders.

Reduce complex processes using multiple systems to manage compensable and non-compensable injury cases that often have limited reporting and visibility across your workforce.

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