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Published 10/10/2021

Sample Safe Work Procedure Template

A safe work procedure is a set of specific steps that guide employees when executing tasks from the start to the end in a systematic manner to avoid hazards and accidents. Information in sample safe work procedures comes from different departments within the workplace.

Importance of a safe work procedure

- Improves efficiency and effectiveness
When employees know the procedures they have to follow, they perfect their work, hence increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Sample safe work procedures eliminate try and error that results in injuries.

- Improves employee productivity
Employees who have been injured in the past will fear to engage them in the same working condition, thus reduced productivity. Employees will feel free in their workstations when they are aware of the risks that might happen, possible ways to mitigate them, and the steps they have to follow when executing tasks.

- Improves company reputation
Employees who are fed with the information that they need will brand the company name. The branding improves the company's image in the job market, thus increased talent acquisition. Candidates will be willing to work in companies that invest in employee safety by providing reference materials for executing jobs.

- Minimal risks
Employees are aware of the procedures they need to follow when doing their jobs, and they will evade risks and near misses. Employees health and safety are guaranteed because they already know about doing their tasks.

- Maximize profits
Employees will always report to the job on time and daily because there are no accidents and illnesses. Again, there will be no frequent hospitalization of injured employees; thus, the employer will save on compensation, and productive employees will pay salaries.

Sample Safe Work Procedure

1. Job description
The job identified in the sample work procedure is briefly described for the employee to know the kind and the department involved. The description has the job title, department, and work area.

2. Date
The date on which the template was published, revised, or revised is indicated to the top of the template.

3. Potential hazards
The possible hazards are detailed in the template, and in most cases, the hazards are presented in picture form to improve the vision and understanding. The risks will differ depending on the type of work.

4. Evacuation procedures
The sample safe work Procedure template has the means of mitigating hazards when they occur. Employees must know the evacuation methods because they are the ones who attend to their colleagues in the event of an accident.

5. Signs and symptoms
The employees need to know the signs and symptoms of the hazards if they occur. Some industries emit disastrous fumes that may affect employees from inside, and maybe their colleagues fail to understand. They must be informed how an affected employee will behave and the signs and symptoms.

6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)
Every job has its PPEs which must be worn during normal duties. The template defines the PPEs in every field and manual on how to use them.

7. Equipment
The tools involved in the job must be indicated in the sample safe work procedure template for the employee to have prior knowledge of the workplace environment. The work condition of the machines is also stated in the template.

8. Training
Employees have to be aware of the steps to take when executing duties. The training should be administered before proceeding to the workplace. It is most given when new employees are hired when a new machine has been installed or an employee reshuffle.

Example safe work procedures:

- Maintenance safe work procedure
- Housekeeping safe work procedure
- Laundry safe work procedure
- Office safe work procedure
- Construction safe work procedure
- Welding safe work procedure

It is important for every company to implement a sample safe work procedure because employees will not feel free to deliver when they fear to work in a specific environment. It is important to employees and employers and needs to be revised from time to time.

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