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Completely Free Injury Management Software

Exclusive and for the first time in the world, we have developed an all encompasing Injury Management software platform for you to manage your workers comp claims for completely free!

Capture of the details of the Injury / Illness
The severity
The mechanism
The type of injury
What were the causes
The nature of the injury
What treatment was done
Dates, hospital details and much more

Manage the follow on injury workflow

Easily attach all the related information back against the initial injury report. This might include the medical report details, lost time details, return to work plan and more

Calculate lost time and even assign tasks and hours based on the level of injury

Workers Comp Claim Management

Manage the full workers comp claim process entirely online and centralised via your own dedicated injury claims area.
Generate the pre-filled workers comp claim form for your state or territory.
Establish and manage return to work plans and streamline other workers comp workflows.

Completely free module

Free for all organisations large or small. We believe that workers comp claims management should be open to everyone and free for all to use to manage their claims more easily.

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