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Workers compensation is a type of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical care to a worker in case they are not able to work due to an injury or illness attained in the line of duty. In the case where the worker dies in the process, the law requires monetary compensation to the beneficiaries of the deceased. In the event where a worker suffers physical, emotional injury in the line of duty, these are the steps to follow to claim compensation.

Real-time Workers Comp Claims System

Introducing our Workers Comp Claims System which you can use to manage your entire workers comp claims process. Auto generate workers comp claims forms and manage the workers comp workflow from start to finish with self insurance injury claim management.

Full lifecycle workers compensation claims and injury management
Real time Dashboard
Email Integration
Claims Audit and Assessment
Return to work plans
Advanced reporting and analytics
Data and systems integration options

Manage the entire Workers Comp workflow from start to finish

Setup forms and registries specific to workers comp regulations in different regions

Our dashboard provides a real time view of your workers comp claims environment with statistics, registries, shortcuts to forms and more.

Customise letters, notifications, forms and reporting

Integrate the data with other systems

Workers Comp Claim Management

Manage the full workers comp claim process entirely online and centralised via your own dedicated injury claims area.
Generate the pre-filled workers comp claim form for your state or territory.
Establish and manage return to work plans and streamline other workers comp workflows.

Complete end to end module

For all organisations large or small. We believe that workers comp claims management should be easy to everyone for all to use to manage their claims more easily.

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